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Sales Playbook Builder is the simplest and most effective way founders and entrepreneurs can create a repeatable and scalable sales engine that runs itself. 

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You don't need a VP of sales. You need a sales playbook, sales process and sales systems. I can help.

Drew "Sales Playbook Builder" Williams

Building your first sales team is scary.

In order to grow and scale, you know you need a sales team. But you’re a business owner first and foremost and you might not know where to start when it comes to detailing and documenting your sales processes so that you can hire an effective sales team who can hit the ground running.

Sales Playbook Builder is a very simple process that helps to extract all your expert knowledge and lay it out into simple processes that anyone can pick up and follow. Once you have your Sales Playbook in your hands, you can safely let go of the reins and focus on the other important parts of your business.

Let us give you the confidence and help you to build a foundation for repeatable, scalable, and predictable sales.


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Sales Playbook Builder

  • "Drew was easy to work with, open to our questions, and provided us with a great base to work from in the future."

    Founder, Clavis Social
  • "Drew helped me to transition out of founder-led sales and really think about sales in a more structured way."

    Founder, GivePanel
  • "We're quantum leaps ahead of where we would have been without Drew." 

    Founder, Accelerated Analytics

Nick Burne

Founder, GivePanel

Process Scales

Our process is designed for founders and entrepreneurs to grow revenue from $0-$3M ARR and lay the foundation for your scalable sales engine. 

  • Tried and Tested Resources

    Free access to a complete library of sales resources and templates that have already helped the growth of multiple businesses

  • High-Growth Sales Community

    Access to a community of founders, entrepreneurs and sales experts to support and guide you on your sales growth journey

  • Sales Expertise

    Book 1:1 consultations with Drew for expert sales playbook advice on specific areas of need

  • Sales Playbook Masterclass

    Free access to a set of Predictable Revenue Masterclasses on how to build and scale your sales process 

  • Sales Playbook Coaching

    Impact-focused group coaching calls for additional guidance

  • Personalized & Custom

    Add new chapters based on areas of need or gaps in your sales process